Signs of quality men’s suit

Signs of quality men’s suit    Everything around us is different between a small or large parts. Is no exception suit? the quality of which primarily depends on cut? details of which consists suit. Even sewn with a very expensive fabric suit will look bad if properly seated on the figure. Distinguish expensive suit can manifest in several ways:    Tissue.  The first thing you must look for when choosing a costume? This fabric. Do not buy a suit from synthetic fabrics? it is not breathable. Highest quality and, consequently, the most expensive material is wool. It

Men’s suits handmade

Men’s suits handmade    Suit is an integral part of any businessman and best determine its status. Suit shows what social place takes its owner. In turn, elite costume depends on two things: the quality of the fabric and the amount invested in the product manual work.    Largely cost of the product depends on the fabric. First-class men’s suits, mostly sewn from wool S’140 – S’160 above. These suits are made on high-tech sewing machines and look and “sit” really good. Fastidious man can satisfy only handmade costumes. These suits have many advantages

How to store and care for your suit

How to store and care for your suit    Dress should be handled carefully and then he will serve you for many years. This does not mean that it can only touch gloves. It is necessary only to adhere to a few tips.  The rule of thumb? zanoshuvaty not. Best costumes change every day, even if there are only two.The day of rest in the closet on hangers suit your resume form without the interference of iron.However, the ability to heal itself determined by the quality of materials and technologies that have

How to wear a suit

How to wear a suit    1. Buttons.Lower button single-breasted jacket and vest never fastened. Double-breasted jacket are always fully fastened. Breasted suit without a jacket fastens with two buttons on the top button only. Suit with three buttons or middle, or top two. Fully unbuttoned can only wear single-breasted jacket if it is under a vest or in an informal setting. Buttons can unbutton his jacket during breakfast, dinner, lunch or sitting in a chair. It is forbidden to unbutton his jacket in official or any important situations. These are: a speech (report, presentation),

What costume choose

What costume choose    When choosing a suit should decide to what it is you need. Daily office work makes sense to buy a suit with a half-woolen fabric. It is less wrinkled and does not require special care. If the status requires to wear expensive suits made of pure wool? they are in the locker room should be at least five. This suit is worn for 1-2 days and then for 1-2 days it should hang on a wide hanged.Handmade costumes ? the most expensive suits. They are a sign of prestige and high social

The types of men’s suits

The types of men’s suits English suit    English suit? most conservative understanding of the classics. The basic template developed in 1930 and virtually no major changes to our time. The main purpose of this suit? positioning it as the owner of a certain social strata.     English suit? This “two” or “three” (with vest). It can be a single-breasted and double-breasted. breasted jacket ? necessarily long, with emphasis on the shoulder line and a fitted silhouette. Shoulders moderately underlined small shoulder pads. This jacket has three buttons, detachable small lapels, sleeves? four buttons. Waist marked and slightly understated. Behind the

What a classic suit coat, tuxedo

What a classic suit coat, tuxedo    A classic costume (from Fr.. Costume – clothing, dress, dress)  – a set of clothing, made in the same style with the same fabric. In a classic suit includes jacket and pants and sometimes a vest. Suit complement shirt and tie, sometimes a handkerchief in the breast pocket.    Originally a classic suit worn only by men, then it began to wear and women. The classic suit is the standard for work in the office of negotiations and other official events. In everyday life, used as