Discount program

The chain of stores “Trembita” offers its customers a discount program:

1. When making a purchase in the firm store “Trembita” for the amount of more than 3000 UAH and filling in the “Questionnaire participant discount program” (* pdf) the buyer has the right to receive a savings discount card with a nominal discount of 5%;
2. The discount begins to operate the day after it is received.
3. The discount is given upon presentation by the buyer of a discount card to the cashier before making a purchase.
4. After accumulation in the account of the amount of the card:

  • 7500 UAH – a 10% discount will apply
  • 15000 UAH -15%

5. Discount cards of the old model are exchanged for new ones – “5% discount”, with obligatory filling out “Questionnaire of participant of discount program”.
6. Discount discounts apply only to new products (discounts on discount cards are not added to other discounts and do not apply to promotional items);
7. The amount of the product purchased on the stock is credited to the card.
8. Changing the size of the discount on the card is made the day after the purchase
9. If a purchase is made without a discount card, the buyer does not receive a discount and loses the opportunity to accumulate the amount on the card.
10. Discount card holders receive relevant information regarding:

  • coming of the new collections
  • shareholding
  • conducting sales, etc.

11. The company reserves the right to cancel or change the discount program at any time without prior notice.
12. The term of the discount card is unlimited.
13. When a discount card is lost: a new discount card is issued to the buyer if the “Participant of the discount program” is re-filled out and a person’s identity document is presented. The accumulated amount is transferred to a new card, and the old card is canceled.