To International Partners

LLC «Trembita» invites international partners for collaboration.
Orders for sewing of wholesale and small-batch production lots are accepted.
   Terms of collaboration. Orders are made of factory’s own raw or based on customer’s raw material.
Wholesale order – sewing of products lot in the quantity of 100 items of same model. Other terms to be discussed personally.
Small-batch order – sewing of products lot in the quantity from 10 items of same model. Other terms to be discussed personally.
   Production facilities. More than 1000 high-class specialists work on the factory. Production is equipped with machinery of the world leading companies (KURIS, INDUPRESS, DUERKOPP ADLER, BASLER, PFAFF, JUKI, GERBER and other). This allows to produce 1500 outwear items (coat, parka, jacket) per shift and 1000 items of pants per shift.
   Our potential. We provide a manufacturing of all the variety of men’s clothing in any sizes: coats, parkas, jackets, suits, tailcoats, dinner coats, overalls, pants, waistcoats, specialized clothing etc… Order any suit models: elegant, classic, business, club, youth and other (10 000 variants of suits). Additionally: 20 variations of sewing stitches (including figured, imitation of hand stitching), embroidery (logo, emblem etc.) and other.
   Our partners. LLC «Trembita» have collaborated with many foreign partners: “KAISER” (Germany), “ROI ROBSON” (Germany), “HUGO BOSS” (Germany), “PIERRE CARDIN” (Germany), “DRESS MASTER” (Germany), “MARK SPENSER” (England), “NEW TREND” (England), “CONBIPEL” (Italy), “MANTEX” (Italy), “BENETTON” (Italy), “ABBIGLIAMENTO” (Italy), “KAPPAHL” (Sweden). At the present time LLC «Trembita» is actively collaborating with: “FORMENS” (France), “NIGITEX” (Italy), “WALKER” (Germany), “ISABELL” (Germany), “POLARIS” (Austria).
   Export. The factory has a department of foreign-economic relations. We provide legal support, hold raw customs clearance. We perform preparing of all the necessary documents for final production export from Ukraine. We provide logistics services in Ukraine and Europe.

Contact person: CEO Stankevych Stella
tel. +38 (03722) 44104
Department of foreign-economic relations
tel. +380 (372) 4-43-05 fax +380 (372) 546057
e-mail: director@trembita.ua