How to choose the right suit

How to choose a suit depending on the build.

Cut the suit should be natural – to identify the best there is in the figure of its owner. Therefore, only sewing costumes to order, provide the perfect costume cut, with all the features of your figure.

Although some leading stylists and make clothes for athletic people, get ready for what you buy will not be easy costume ready. Double-breasted jacket in athletic figure would look too bulky.Therefore, the best choice for you is a single-breasted jacket with deep armholes to the sleeves.The jacket, with the rest should not provide a figure, but has only a little watchers, in order to emphasize it.

   Complete men
solid full man should avoid sharp lines in the suit, double-breasted jackets, wide lapels and pockets. It should stay on the single-breasted jacket with soft lines two or three buttons. 
We recommend that you wear under a jacket vest made of cloth costume. It adds extra length figure and hide extra roundness. Also – it’s stylish. 
Pants should be free to choose, straight, with closures at the waist and absolutely no lapel. 
When speaker stomach should wear a wide tie with a vertical pattern. 
The fabric is desirable to choose a soft, dark tones well with no distinct vertical stripes.

   High Men
Choose a well-cut suit of clear lines and proportions. It is important to choose the right size and length suit. Otherwise you’ll look like has grown up with the costume. Also, equally important is choosing the right model, there are models for tall and thin, for high and slender, tall and plump for. 
We recommend two buttons jacket with wide lapels – the most appropriate option for those who want something neutralize their growth. Too thin high figure would seem wider, if it is to wear a double-breasted jacket with wide lapels. 
You need a wide or half wide collar shirts. Nothing sharp. 
Vest made of cloth with patterns created especially for you.
Pants should be spacious, somewhat narrow as down with wide pleats. The belt can create a good horizontal line. 
It is necessary to avoid long narrow ties. Best suited bow tie. 
The best choice for a tall man becomes tight or average tissue. Avoid long vertical lines. Colorful big picture will look good.

   Low male
men of small stature should wear jackets that cover the buttocks, and pants with a high waist.The fitted suit with flowing lines accentuate growth. Low arranged buttons and long lapels – the best choice for you. 
Long narrow shirt collar – your best friend. Avoid thin wide collar. 
Vest is better not to wear. Unbuttoned jacket will give you growth. Think about what to wear suspenders. 
Pants should be no lapel and straight. 
Choose costumes with light monochrome fabrics highlight Avoid textured fabric. Vertical stripes and narrow ties optically elongated shape.

Colors of men’s suits

Black is indispensable as a color coat and tuxedo for the evening receptions and celebrations, as well as for mourning ceremonies. Very limited situations encountered in business communication. 
Dark blue. Depending on the color of skin, eyes, hair various shades of blue look differently: some will make your look elegant, others – to simplify. The man in the suit that color impression of a classic businessman. However, depending on the color of a shirt and tie, it can attract and inspire confidence (light colors) or seem too strict and official (white shirt). 
Gray.Refinement and correctness – that suits this color components. The variety of possibilities for creating combinations with other colors makes gray versatile and able to provide a discreet, classic image. Businessman gives the impression of a man who seeks to improve their individual status and to gain maximum freedom of action. 
Light gray, beige – this is probably a small selection of colors for men’s suits in the warm season (except strictly formal situation, dominated by dark color). Such uniformity may dilute or blurred streak barely visible cell.

The successful combination of colors shirts for men’s suits

   Gray suit. 
• The blue – a classic combination. Despite its traditional, never looks bored. 
• The blue – a great alternative to white if do not want to look too protocol. 
• The navy blue – very elegant, perfect for men with red hair and fair skin.

   Blue suit. 
• With white – is undeniable classic. To avoid banality, stylists recommend “dilute” the third is a combination of contrasting colors: black, yellow or purple. 
• From Bordeaux – bold, very effective combination, due to the fact that burgundy – a complex color, rich blue tones. 
• The pink – chic version of a classic English style.

   Brown suit. 
• The orange – worth a try: Bright colors will allocate you with gray mass, of course, if applicable.
• The khaki – the traditional combination of “green” design. 
• With beige – the perfect kit for dark brunet.

Black suit
• black – perfect for an evening at the club. You seem slimmer and your skin – lighter. 
• The red – you just will not go unnoticed. 
• The gray – a win-win combination, but not to appear “invisible” ensemble revitalize third color.

Some tips for ties

• If a plain suit and shirt, then tie should be patterned. 
• If the costume patterned (striped or box), then tie and shirt – plain. 
• If the suit without a clear expression pattern (blurred streak), then tie can be made dominant by intense bands. 
• If the suit in pale large cell with fine lines, then tie can be scarce with little pattern (eg speckled).

And most importantly: “If you want to look good, nothing will hurt you with it. If you want to look unique and confident contact us “