How to store and care for your suit

   Dress should be handled carefully and then he will serve you for many years. This does not mean that it can only touch gloves. It is necessary only to adhere to a few tips. 
The rule of thumb? zanoshuvaty not. Best costumes change every day, even if there are only two.The day of rest in the closet on hangers suit your resume form without the interference of iron.However, the ability to heal itself determined by the quality of materials and technologies that have been used in the manufacture of clothing. If the hair on the elbows of his jacket or trousers begins to shine, that means you too harshly exploit their suit. This suit can be worn longer, and it can not be restored.

   After wearing the jacket must hang on a wide and comfortable vishak. Do not use flat landmarks? they deform suit. Before you hang a jacket, make sure that freed the bank. After a day of “work” the suit needed day of rest. If it is worn for several days, the same day he must give a “rest”. 
   Seasonal suits keep sealed in special covers. Of wool suits protect against moths (special tool in each case with a suit). Especially expensive suits? fill the sleeve thin wrinkled tissue paper. Suits in the closet place freely, without touching each other.

   Before you hang a suit in the closet, for it should go brush. This is done for clothes brushes made of natural hair. Do not use sticky spots? they leave traces on fabric adhesive composition that would cause her harm. Better hair fluff shake his hand.

   Pants also require careful attention. They need to be cleaned both outside and inside. Pay special attention to the trouser lapel (need cleaning as often as possible). Hang pants should be a special trouser hanger. Should be ironed trousers wet through the thin cotton cloth, otherwise the suit after ironing will shine. Do not hang a suit in the closet immediately after cleaning. Give it some time provitrytysya near an open window or balcony. Wool fibers need moisture to maintained their elasticity. Clothes can easily refresh steam in any bathroom, close the windows, empty the hot water to form a pair and put the costume at some time in the “fog”. This massacre zim’yatosti on fabric and eliminate odor.

   As for the dry cleaning? always pay attention to the label attached by the manufacturer.Production of some tissues prohibited to dry cleaning. In such cases, use a brush, ventilation and “evaporation” and stains should be treated separately.

The costume is the result of great skill and many hours spent on him, so he deserves some respect.