How to wear a suit

   1. Buttons.Lower button single-breasted jacket and vest never fastened. Double-breasted jacket are always fully fastened. Breasted suit without a jacket fastens with two buttons on the top button only. Suit with three buttons or middle, or top two. Fully unbuttoned can only wear single-breasted jacket if it is under a vest or in an informal setting. Buttons can unbutton his jacket during breakfast, dinner, lunch or sitting in a chair. It is forbidden to unbutton his jacket in official or any important situations. These are: a speech (report, presentation), congratulations or awards and gifts, invitations to dance, meeting, greeting and farewell to the business partner.In the buttoned jacket belonging to friends in the restaurant, the office for a meeting in the auditorium of the theater, sitting in the presidium.

   2. When possible and if not properly take off his jacket. If people allow themselves to remove the jacket, especially in the presence of ladies, without asking permission, it will be perceived as a serious violation of the rules of decency. Remove the jacket can afford to head in the presence of his subordinates. Also remove the jacket is allowed among employees, but only if they are equal in rank. The slave can not come to a head without a jacket – it’s disrespectful. In the presence of other visitors, ie in a formal setting, remove the jacket prohibited. In the warmer months in office instead of a jacket can be worn vest.

   3. Appointment pockets. In the outer breast pocket of his jacket just put a silk scarf breast that does not repeat color tie. In internal jacket pocket put a thin diary, small wallet with credit cards, wallets, pen. On the external side jacket pocket can put business cards and just plain handkerchief. In the pocket of a vest worn pocket watch. The side pants pocket – small change and keys (they wear to cover, not to tear the pants and not ring when walking). On the back pocket at all sure, she had not put anything.

   4. shirt. Dress only worn a shirt with long sleeves. Shirt cuffs should act from the sleeve of his jacket 1.5-2 cm. It is not necessary to wear a striped suit jacket or tie fabric.

   5. Tie. Properly tied tie wide end overlaps pants are approximately 2 cm. The width of the tie should relate to the wide lapels suit.

   6. trouser belt. Trouser belt should be simple and elegant, with quality leather, the shoe color;Belt width is usually 3 cm. Buckle – one with a belt width, and one color with other metal accessories.

   7. Socks. Socks should be chosen from natural fibers to match the suit or black. Their length should be sufficient to avoid oholyuvalysya lower leg when you sit down.

   8. boots. For business style – shoes only dark colors leather with laces and thin sole.

A complete set of classic clothing should include a tuxedo for receptions and official events. At least two suits of wool, one triple and informal suit containing flax for the warm season.