Men’s suits handmade

   Suit is an integral part of any businessman and best determine its status. Suit shows what social place takes its owner. In turn, elite costume depends on two things: the quality of the fabric and the amount invested in the product manual work.

   Largely cost of the product depends on the fabric. First-class men’s suits, mostly sewn from wool S’140 – S’160 above. These suits are made on high-tech sewing machines and look and “sit” really good. Fastidious man can satisfy only handmade costumes. These suits have many advantages over the factory. The higher the exclusivity of the costume, the more time is needed for its production. For example, the common good costume is about 3-4 hours, and the top class suits about 15-18 hours.

   Role in making handmade costume is not difficult to appreciate. It is not tailor working hours and the right to a greater quality handmade. Take, for example, the shoulder belt. If it prytochuyut (sew) on the machine, the fabric is permanently rigidly fixed. When this is done manually? thread has a small degree of freedom and sewn fabric is a more supple. This will coat perfect “sit” on your figure. It seems a small thing, but from such small things, depending comfortable clothes and his class. The thinner and more lenient seams, the more difficult was the process of creating costume and the more comfortable it will be.

   Cutting manually drawing connections provides tissue. And you get a suit tailored as one piece. This is especially important for the pockets and collar.

   It is also an important way to “build” a suit. In the high-end clothing, almost no place glue. The fabric jacket on expensive if a little grab in the area of ​​the clavicle separates easily from the substrate that the inside of the jacket. Samuel gasket (located between the fabric and lining) is made from the highest quality samples horse hair and camel hair. Jacket “without glue” offers this easy silhouette that can provide only a thin shirt.
   One of the secrets of the perfect silhouette suit? All details of the future nametuyutsya jacket by hand and checked for compliance with the set standards. And only then gradually prytachuyut (stitched) every detail, partly typed and partly manually. This pressing occurs almost every stage.Finished costume again checked against all the dimensions and the absence of any defects.

   Distinguish expensive suit can be on several grounds. First, the jackets are often “working” loops on the sleeves. That buttons that are usually sewn tightly, they can unbutton (bottom worn unbuttoned, parading all others). This allows you to tuck up the sleeves of his jacket. Secondly, sometimes loops obmetuyutsya jacket by hand and it can be seen, carefully looking at them.Thirdly, jacket buttons to sew by hand and it can be determined crosswise executed line. Suit extra class has an amazing feature: a few days of wearing it “accustomed” to the owner and figures already sitting on it like a glove.

Only possible to order the perfect cut suit with all the features of your figure. 
Such suits handmade considered a masterpiece of craftsmanship. 
Their owners can be proud of its acquisition by right.