Signs of quality men’s suit

   Everything around us is different between a small or large parts. Is no exception suit? the quality of which primarily depends on cut? details of which consists suit. Even sewn with a very expensive fabric suit will look bad if properly seated on the figure.

Distinguish expensive suit can manifest in several ways:

The first thing you must look for when choosing a costume? This fabric. Do not buy a suit from synthetic fabrics? it is not breathable. Highest quality and, consequently, the most expensive material is wool. It is considered the strongest, ergonomic and resistant to wrinkles and deformation of the material. 
   The main indicator of quality woolen fabrics are twisting yarns rate: from 100 to 180’S’S (preferred). The number means how many kilometers out of the threads of one kilogram of wool.The greater the number of twisting the better and, consequently, more expensive fabric. 
   The most common brand of tissue thread twisting 110’S-120’S. The expensive, high-quality suit with more than 140 thread twisting’S must necessarily be extra label indicating degree of torsion.
   Quality control of products from wool provides «The International Wool Secretariat». So sign «Pure wool» or «Woolmark» have the right to ask for its products only companies that have passed this control. In the suit sewn from fabric manufacturers with a worldwide reputation, is definitely an extra label indicating degree of torsion. In this case marks «The International Wool Secretariat» can not be.

Note the seams, inaccurate, pryzibrani lines? sign product defects. Because quality is important threads?they must be strong.

   Acquisition suit. 
The more expensive the suit, the less adhesive materials used in its manufacture and the more traditional used floss stitches and hand surgery. By using high quality materials and technologies suit is not glued, pressed, and gives the impression of “live”. Jacket lapel not hard, but of course are on hangers. The inner lining board (located between the fabric and lining) should pryshyvatys, not sticking. Fabric on expensive jacket can be easily separated from the inner lining chest.  

The main features of high-quality costume:

• woolen quality Super 100 and above; 
• Lining of 100% viscose; 
• Drawing on fabric detail exactly fits; 
• Hand stitch finishing on the lapel and the sides; 
• A decorative Kant, framing the lining of his jacket; 
• Contrast lining sleeves; 
• Special armhole part, keeps sweat suit; 
• Manual vymitka the shoulder seam; 
• Buttons on the leg; 
• Protective chehol storage and transportation.

Quality costume define its lines cut, natural planting, emphasizing the advantages and hide figure flaws.