“The Best Labor Protection Company” according to the results of work in 2017

It has positive experience

on the job protection of the winner

All-Ukrainian Review-Competition

“The Best Labor Protection Company”

according to the results of work in 2017

ALC “Trembita”

It registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on January 17, 2017 under the number 64/29932 according to the order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine dated 22.12.2016 № 1579 “On All-Ukrainian Review-competition for the awarding of the title” Best Enterprise on Occupational Safety “. The State Service of Ukraine on issues All-Ukrainian review-competition for the awarding of the title “The Best Enterprise on Occupational Safety” was conducted on the results of work in 2017.

It is an enterprise from the Chernivtsi region – LLC “Trembita” among the winners of this competition.

Taking into account the above, we propose to you, for application in the company, we have studied the positive experience of work on the issues of labor protection at this enterprise.



LLC “Trembita” – is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market for tailoring men’s classic clothing. The work of the team is headed by General Manager Stankevich Stella Omeliyanivna.

Trembita products complies with international and European quality standards and are exported to Italy, Germany, France, England, the Netherlands, USA, Canada and other countries.

The company successfully cooperates with well-known brands, including Armand Thiery, Scherrer, Mario Dessuti, Celio, Gianni Ferrucci, Galeries Lafaytte, Burton, Villa Vasari, Prado, Benetton, Fellini and others.

Over a year, the company produces more than 500 thousand pieces of clothing.

The enterprise is equipped with the latest equipment of the leading companies “Vastma” – an automated fabric cutting line, “Pfaff”, “Dzhukki”, “Durkopp” – sewing machines and machines, “Indupreses” – a line of wet and heat treatment of products.

The enterprise was awarded with a number of weighty awards for significant achievements in the field of light industry. Among them are the distinctions: “The Best Trademark”, “Gold Trademark”, “The Highest Sample”, “The Best Domestic Producer”, “European Quality”, Diploma “100 Best Goods of Ukraine” and others.

Also, LLC”Trembita” has become one of the best in Ukraine in terms of industrial safety and occupational safety by its results in 2017, it is recognized as the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition – the review “The Best Enterprise on Occupational Safety” and it won in the nomination “Consumer Goods”.

The works on occupational safety at work began with the organization of the construction of a management system for occupational safety and health. The result was the creation in each structural subdivision and at each workplace of working conditions that meet the requirements of legislation in the field of occupational safety, which is a prerequisite for the preservation of the life and health of employees of the company.

The basis of the system of management of labor protection is provided by comfortable and safe working conditions of workers, which, in turn, is one of the main factors influencing productivity and welfare, both individual worker and society as a whole. The next (for the most important tasks)  system of management of labor protection is carrying out preventive measures aimed at elimination of harmful and dangerous production factors, prevention of accidents at work, occupational diseases and other cases of the threat to the health of workers caused by working conditions.

Currently,LLC “Trembita” effectively operates the system of management of labor protection . The state of industrial safety and occupational safety at the enterprise meets the international standard ISO 9001, which is periodically confirmed by the findings of the external audit of compliance with the requirements of BSCI. Within this audit, minimization of risks and potential hazards in the workplace is analyzed; temperature regime at workplaces both in production and in offices; efficiency of the ventilation and air conditioning system of the working zone and its lighting (natural and artificial); assessment of working conditions at workplaces, their level of harmfulness and danger; level of sanitary and living conditions; means of protection; occupational health and industrial safety; Fire Security; traumatic risk in the workplace; a system for informing and training employees for safe work methods, rules for provision of pre-care, other preventive measures to prevent injury to workers at work, etc.

According to the data of 2017, a total of 779 employees women employed 649 , representing almost 90% of the total number of employees.

As a result of the implementation of measures of state supervision (control) established compliance with the requirements of the legislation on occupational safety in relation to the work of women, minors, people with disabilities. In particular, the company created 28 workplaces for people with disabilities.

The Labor Protection Service is headed by the Head of the Labor Protection Department Leontyuk Georgy Vasilievich. He ensures the functioning of the Cabinet on labor protection, the corners of the labor protection, monitors their equipment, the availability of visual information (posters, booklets) on issues of labor protection.

It  holds training regular introductory on occupational safety, a meeting, training with the examination of knowledge on occupational safety issues, etc.,  in the office of labor protection with workers.

Employees  inform about working conditions, the presence of hazardous and harmful production factors in the workplace and the rights to benefits and compensation for work in such conditions in accordance with a collective agreement at the time of hiring. Subsequently, the employees, in accordance with the specified list of positions and occupations, undergo an introductory, initial instruction on occupational safety and work placement.

Production units are provided on a royalty-free basis with the relevant normative-legal acts on labor protection. According to the staffing list for each profession, as well as the type of work, guidelines on occupational safety are being developed, which are revised in the timeframes specified by the legislation. In total, 86 instructions on labor protection have been developed and approved by the order of LLC Trembita, of which 57 are instructions for the profession in accordance with the approved staffing record and 28 instructions for labor protection when performing certain types of work. 5 works safety instructions have been developed and approved for work of high danger. All safety instructions in the company are reviewed every 5 years or 3 years for types of work with increased danger.

Under the guidance of the General Manager and Chief of the Labor Department, measures to improve working conditions have been developed and implemented, in particular, technological processes have been improved, equipment has been modernized, and the temperature regime has been brought to the level of standards in the workshops.

Measures on labor protection are fully implemented in accordance with the collective agreement . Significant funds are used at the enterprise, in particular, UAH 248 thousand for the implementation of preventive measures for the protection of labor in order to improve the state of industrial safety, occupational health and working environment, .  It is about 0.5% of the wage fund for the relevant period in 2017. Due to this, employees are free and fully provided with high-quality overalls, special footwear, hygiene products, etc.  Proper sanitation and living conditions are created: locker rooms, rest rooms and meals are provided, as well as personal hygiene rooms. The production is equipped with the latest ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The organization of carrying out at the expense of the employer previous (during recruitment) and periodic (during work) medical examinations is adjusted.It was spent about 18 thousand hryvnias for carrying them out for 31 employees of the company, 21 of them – employed at work with harmful or dangerous conditions of labor, specified in a collective agreement in 2017.

Officials are trained and tested for work safety at educational institutions and at the enterprise in the timeframe set by the legislation. So for the relevant period, four officials (general manager, head of the labor protection service, chief energy engineer and his deputy) were trained to test knowledge of occupational safety issues at the regional training center, and 60 officials of the company (masters, technologists, etc.) were trained with the verification of knowledge on occupational safety at the enterprise.

As a result of the conclusion of the state of labor protection, issued by the expert-technical center, on 26.06.2018 the permission for performance of work of increased danger and for operation (application) of machines, mechanisms, equipment of high danger 050.12.77 from 14.05.2012 year was prolonged.

The technical equipment at the enterprise is constantly upgraded and updated. Periodically, the control over the proper maintenance of buildings and structures, production equipment and equipment, and the proper monitoring of their technical condition is carried out.

16 employees are engaged in work with high-risk, annually undergo special training and checking of knowledge on occupational safety of the relevant normative legal acts on labor protection in accordance with the list approved by the company in accordance with the elaborated schedules. Verification of knowledge is carried out by a certified commission for the verification of knowledge on occupational safety

21 employees for work in harmful or hazardous conditions of work are provided with appropriate benefits and compensations, in particular, in the form of additional paid holidays according to the requirements of the collective agreement of the company,. The enterprise continuously monitors the level of hazard or danger on the basis of annual laboratory research and integrated assessment of workplaces in relation to a combination of various factors of the production environment and labor process and the degree of risk of damage to health, are drawn up appropriate protocols or acts of compliance, etc. Appropriate measures are being developed to improve working conditions and reduce the level of harmfulness or danger in the workplace according to the results of the work carried out by the Department of Labor Protection.

A commission on labor protection in the number of 4 people was created of the general meeting of the labor collective in the community . This commission, which also includes representatives of trade unions, is periodically involved in checking the state of safety and working conditions, providing workers with overalls, special footwear. It also supervises the fulfillment of the requirements of the collective agreement, protects the rights and interests of employees and is actively involved in the elaboration of proposals for the inclusion in the collective agreement of the most painful issues of labor protection.

The corresponding work and constant monitoring of the state of the labor protection at different levels gives the corresponding results according to the division of responsibilities . The number of occupational injuries and occupational diseases has not been recorded in the workplace over the past fifteen years . And this, in turn, has a high estimation of the effectiveness of the functioning of the system of management of labor protection.