The types of men’s suits

English suit

   English suit? most conservative understanding of the classics. The basic template developed in 1930 and virtually no major changes to our time. The main purpose of this suit? positioning it as the owner of a certain social strata. 
   English suit? This “two” or “three” (with vest). It can be a single-breasted and double-breasted. breasted jacket
? necessarily long, with emphasis on the shoulder line and a fitted silhouette. Shoulders moderately underlined small shoulder pads. This jacket has three buttons, detachable small lapels, sleeves? four buttons. Waist marked and slightly understated. Behind the two slots? This is useful for men with wide hips and keeps his hands in the pockets of pants that does not affect the shape of the jacket. This style is considered acceptable in England, in contrast, for example, from Germany. Pockets with flaps and slightly slanted. The traditional version offers also a small pocket for small items on the side pocket.Double-breasted jacket English has a strict construction of four or six buttons, which are located in two parallel rows. Jacket lapel wide, with large gaps between buttons. trousers

sitting high on the hips and very close to the leg. Lapel on the trousers are not as popular as in continental Europe. 
English suit those who prefer classic, rigorous style. Best suited slender men. Due to the severity and beautiful cut it sits perfectly and retains this property during movement. This costume is undesirable for full high men? it is very adjacent to the waist.

American suit

   American costume created at the beginning of the XX century. This costume is most important than the elegant and adds some heometrychnist. American classics concept? This, above all, comfort. Single-breasted jacket with extended rounded shoulder, no shoulder pads. It creates a relaxed silhouette thanks to the volume of the chest, a small fit through the waist and hips. The length of the jacket is much shorter in Europe, with free armhole not narrowed at the waist. Moderate across the width of lapels are rounded so that the lines seem softer and less distinct. Single-breasted jacket with two or three buttons, slots and central pockets with flaps. Double-breasted jacket is characterized by deep lapels and wide gaps between the buttons.

Large American cut suit provides freedom of movement and comfort and is ideal for men with a full figure. However, it is impossible to look elegant. Because American costume suits more for informal environment than for business negotiations.

European suit

   This type of suit is associated with the style of the 80s of XX century, when fashion designers decided to change the classic suit. Design line somewhat simplified, extended shoulders, podovshav jacket and pants are more free and voluminous. European cut jacket? This single-breasted or double-breasted jacket without cuts. Breasted jacket emphasizes the shoulders, wide lapels him. High armholes of his jacket and he sits perfectly on his chest. This model retains a trapezoidal shape clasp jacket low, usually two buttons. On the sleeves, usually three buttons, pockets arranged horizontally. Double-breasted jacketEuropean cut frequently also has two buttons. Double-breasted jackets are not recommended for men with a big belly? they can not be worn out of her.

   When choosing a European style, please note that the length of the jacket 5-7 cm below the buttocks, so this costume more suitable for tall and slim men.

Italian suit

   Classic Italian silhouette extremely difficult, as modeled exactly on the figure. But in that suit and you’ll look great and feel completely comfortable. Distinctive features Italian classics? ease and elegance, a large degree of freedom. Single-breasted jacket is the most characteristic Italian model patterns. Jacket-3 with two buttons and slots. Shoulders Italian suit is often little extended and raised.Can be sharp lapels and welt pockets. Double-breasted jacket Italian ? with adjacent line silhouette, narrow shoulders, a high and low volume buttons on the chest. Trousers, mostly straight and keep down its width.

   Italian suit hides many flaws shape and has a representative appearance by sufficiently clear silhouette. Even complete people will look in that suit slim and fit through the dim prytalennya and clear lines of broad shoulders.

German suit

   German costumes quite bulky, but remain comfortable through free cut. Authentic German costume provides perfect cut, mainly manual work and the use of expensive woolen fabrics. This jacket is able to keep the long form. 
   In armhole sleeve jacket is large and deep, wide sleeves and wide. Buttons on the sleeves rozstibuyutsya. Hinges, after the acquisition of the suit, are cut and sheathed manually to suit individual customer requirements. 
   German business suit is considered as businessmen and bankers preferred to him.

 French suit

   The French costume at the forefront refined classic style, quality tailoring and elegance. Regarding proportions? This suit is slightly shorter and more fitted than English or Italian. 
   Breasted jacket short with rounded shoulder line, the volume in the chest and narrower hips. 
   Double-breasted jacket ? with wide lapels. 
   Cropped jackets fit French men of small stature.

Men’s suit style «Fashion item»

   «Fashion item»? a “suit for one season.” Here the production of men’s suits influences fashion trends?extravagant but unfortunately short-lived. Unusual fabrics for classic men’s suits with special effects, linen, cotton, silk or mixtures thereof. 
   The main advantages of linen and silk in their proholodnosti. These things are not necessarily stroke, they decided to wear a little crumpled, indicating that relaxation and comfort. However, do not confuse luxury on holiday with business sophistication and wearing crumpled things. 
   Jackets and trousers made of linen and silk are considered luxury items. They are particularly suitable for traveling in warm countries.

Men’s suit style «Casual»

   Over the past century idea of the clothing of the day have changed considerably. The public in urban areas, offices, restaurants and dressed in a business setting as in the last century wore only on weekends.
   Nowadays, walking, traveling, there are many options for informal dress style «casual», which uses a slightly simplified design models of classic costumes. 
Also considered informal set of jacket and pants of different colors. The main difference from business style? the structure of the fabric and colorful colors. For style «casual» typical mod open structure fabrics. Specifically summer jackets sewn from lightweight cashmere, fine worsted fabrics or blends of silk, linen blends.
   Costumes style “casual” voluminous, light, fabric structure somewhat “transparent” because they are less durable than the classic tissue. Style «casual» perfect for activities that are planned for the weekend, family and friendly parties.

Good man suit provides slim and elegant look.

He has perfectly match the shape and nature of the owner and emphasize its competencies.