What a classic suit coat, tuxedo

   A classic costume (from Fr.. Costume – clothing, dress, dress)  – a set of clothing, made in the same style with the same fabric. In a classic suit includes jacket and pants and sometimes a vest. Suit complement shirt and tie, sometimes a handkerchief in the breast pocket.

   Originally a classic suit worn only by men, then it began to wear and women. The classic suit is the standard for work in the office of negotiations and other official events. In everyday life, used as clothing for social events, entering a visit to the museum, concert or other. 
   Classic suit has a long history and hundreds if not thousands of prototypes. But it is assumed that the costume was born in the XIX century England. In the first half of the XIX century suit included redynhot (long coat as coats, double-breasted, usually fitted) jacket and long trousers.Costumes are an integral element of the hat, hat and gloves.
   Standard colors for the business man’s suit is black, dark blue, all shades of gray. They can also add more “informal colors”: dark brown, dark green and so on. Dark blue color – rich, pleasing to the eye, in addition, it goes well with white and bluish shirts. It perfectly accentuate a confidence man. Gray less formal and more attractive look to him. For the exhibition or presentation? is ideal. It is also diversify shirts bright colors: pink, peach. However, the most conservative is black, it is suitable for most cases.
   There are three pillars on which rests a classic suit – cut, color and fabric. In that order, as the breed – a key element of the costume. Cutting the suit should be natural, that detect the best there is in the figure of its owner. The basic form that defines good style, appeared in 1930 and, despite the fashion trends and the time is used again and again. 
In the 70 years of the twentieth century became fashionable flannel three. Then in 80 years held a surge of “bling” – representatives of the business elite exhibited on display expensive items prestigious brands, including ties, cufflinks, watches.
   Top 90 many remember as the era of “easy” money and crimson jackets. Club burgundy or green jacket then considered an important attribute of people in different ways “upside” and a capital considered themselves businessmen. 
   The decline in cost of the demonstration came at the end of the 90s when people were easier to dress. Advancing the era of sports “shyrpotrebu.”

Tail suit (from fr. Fras)  – Men’s ceremonial dress suit particular cut, short front jacket with long narrow tails (floor) from behind pants with satin stripes. Coat appeared in France in the middle of the century and was IVIII exceptional military clothes and not related to ceremonial dress. He was part of a cavalry uniform officers, and its shape allows them to be comfortable while in the saddle, riding a horse, also look impressive. At that time the officers were on top of the world and appeared frequently in the evenings and balls called. This gradually led to the fact that the coat became fashionable at the time, clothes for special occasions.
   Under the coat worn tightly starched shirt with vest, standing collar with curved corners and cuff links. On its associated white silk bow tie. Over the shirt worn white pique vest (silk is not considered good form) with three buttons that must always be buttoned. In the breast pocket of his jacket fit white handkerchief (if not attached at the chest of the Order). This person should have fresh white gloves. From coats should be worn pocket watch on a chain. Frachni trousers ornamented satin stripes. Tail suit should be worn only with black lacquered shoes and high black socks. When cool, top coat wearing a black coat with a white scarf, white gloves and black hat-cylinder. But if you put a coat for the first time in my life and have not been able to enter the secular image of the lion, follow the unwritten rule:

Tuxedo  – black evening jacket with open chest and long, edged with silk lapels. By tuxedo suit: tight vest starch, stand-up collar with curved corners, black bow tie, shoes with thin skin (not patent leather), black vest or belt-kushak kamerband ( «cummerbund»). 
   The name “tuxedo” comes from English (Eng. «Smoking» – smoking – smoking suit). In aristocratic society balls next to the main hall usually have separate smoking rooms where men were removed. To carry fewer smell of tobacco smoking room men who were there, wearing special «smoking jacket» – ( «smoking jacket”) is removed, leaving a smoking room. These gentlemen were trying to please the ladies.
   A distinctive feature satin tuxedo lapels are trimmed. When smoking cigars is considered obscene shake topped with cigar ash. The column of ash itself should fall. Because ash often falls to the suit. Tuxedo with satin lapels ash shaken easily, leaving no traces.

Always follow the rule: coat – clothes for formal occasions, 

and Tuxedo – for informal, although celebrations.