What costume choose

   When choosing a suit should decide to what it is you need. Daily office work makes sense to buy a suit with a half-woolen fabric. It is less wrinkled and does not require special care. If the status requires to wear expensive suits made of pure wool? they are in the locker room should be at least five. This suit is worn for 1-2 days and then for 1-2 days it should hang on a wide hanged.Handmade costumes ? the most expensive suits. They are a sign of prestige and high social status, besides perfect “fall” of the figure and hide all its flaws. It is clear that manual work is much more expensive, but that does not mean that the factory production much worse. Factory suit.

If you do decide to give preference to suit factory, it is a sure way to find out which suit you?try the most expensive of the offering. Just look how he looks at you and try to find something similar and appropriate price.

A fitting suit

   Most of the costume fitting is comfort. In the suit, you should easily sit down, bend down and reduced to a hand. On the shoulders of a good suit shall sit as a “glove” and, thus, you should not feel constrained not, nor too loose. 
   Jacket. Fitting suit jacket should start with the best dressed on the shirt. The main thing in a jacket? shoulder belt and collar, which is to gently encircle the neck. Qualitatively, sewn jacket hugs the back and does not form wrinkles or creases. Pay attention to the slot. Choose a jacket with one or two slots, or do without them? depends on the shape of the buttocks. With flat buttocks are two good and one slot. Note that when the jacket buttoned with two slots? they should be closed. If the slots appear? better discard them altogether.
The bottom button of his jacket, according to etiquette, never fastened. If the jacket sits well in the shoulders and fastened the buttons hard? it is not necessary to choose a larger size. It is best to experiment with different costumes completeness. 
The length of the jacket sleeves should be shorter than the shirt cuffs 1.5-2 cm and shirt collar should extend over the collar of his jacket at least 1 centimeter. 
The outer jacket pocket zastrocheni? do not be surprised, they do not wear (permitted only handkerchief or coat). Otherwise? fabric stretched and does not hold a shape. As for the inside pocket of his jacket? each has its purpose. Right inside pocket for commonly used documents. The left upper inner? for purse under her (vertical)? pocket for pens, the very bottom? for hours. 
   Trousers.Length trousers should be given special attention. If the length is correct, then the arrow at the bottom front formed one small room. Behind pants reach heel without breaks. For business clothes best buy pants with no lower hem edge. Then, you can easily choose the desired length, the master of the store pidshyye them after fitting. 
Classic men’s trousers belt should always be on the waist line. Arrow pants must be exactly in the middle of the shoe. 
   Three-piece suitalmost always in vogue. This suit is more expensive because the owner will give the impression of a respectable man. According to etiquette in a suit-three is allowed to remove his jacket. Pidtyahnutosti vest adds and respectability, fit and full and thin, first become sophisticated, others seem slimmer. 
In choosing the fabric and cut vest no restrictions. So if you come to work in a suit of fine wool in the evening going, for example, in a theater or on a secular reception can change silk vest. 
  As for color vest, may be present costume colors or contrasting color (with color jacket and pants). In the latter case, tie invisible selected, the color closest to costume fabric.

The costume should not be

1. Large or small in size. The new suit should not restrict your movements should not appear wrinkles on his back, but, most importantly, suit should not be too free. 
2. The biggest mistake  ? “My size if no pressure?” This is not true. To determine your size, you need to know three values. The first? chest circumference in centimeters. The second meaning?Height? is your height in inches. Third? waist circumference in centimeters. Completeness determined by the difference between the circumference and chest circumference waist. 
3. Pants “in the accordion.”Especially note the pants. Suit with long trousers looks messy. The classic rule? pants filed so that their lower front edge lying freely on shoes and formed one small room. From the heel classic trousers without cuffs 1-1.5 cm long, so the bottom edge of bevel cut. Pants with cuffs made a little shorter, their lower edge is parallel to the floor. As for the socks? they must be high to while walking or when I sit down in a chair, others not opened the bottom of the legs. 
4. Long sleeves.Classical law? feeding properly fitted jacket should be 1.5-2 cm shorter sleeves shirts. The difference in the length of the jacket sleeves length it is approximately equal to the width of the palm. If your hands a little longer? buy a suit more growth or adjust the length of the sleeves in the studio. 
5. Black Suit.According to etiquette should be excluded from plain black suits business life. In the civilized world destination well known black suit? This is especially formal events, weddings and memorial services. The exception may be only informal suit black, where you can go to a nightclub or casino. In other cases, pure black suit (and even synthetic sheen)? waiters uniforms, headwaiters and guards. If you are a fan of the classics? Choose black striped delicate, not too wide and not very bright. Advantage colored business suit? all dark shades of blue, classic gray, the color of charcoal. 
It is equally important to remember that properly wearing a light suit, especially linen and silk, in the cold season or summer wear them in inappropriate situations, such as a business meeting.
6. suit buttoned all the buttons. Button all the buttons on his jacket than the bottom. This rule?old English tradition that still holds civilized society. Doing so can give others reason to doubt your knowledge of the requirements of etiquette. Unbuttoning the jacket is appropriate when you sit down at a table or a chair. But the shoot? only in very informal situations and with the consent of others. Double-breasted jackets should be worn buttoned all the buttons, but a man of great stature with wide waist is better to leave the bottom button double-breasted jacket unbuttoned.

An interesting fact to reflect “the average American millionaire buying business suits for about $ 500. Anything less is playing quality fabric, anything more?matter of psychology, not clothes. “